Will Extract
Reference NA1232
Family Name CAPADOCE
Forenames Abraham
Probate Date 1787 (7 April)
Address Amsterdam and Utrecht
Occupation Merchant
Spouse 1. Rachel Abenatar. 2. Esther Henriques Moron
Siblings Aron de Isaac Capadoce
Children Emanuel (Dr. Of Physic), Sarah and Rachel Capadoce (children with first wife) and Isaac Haim Capadoce Moron
Other Relatives Cousin, Isaac Raphael Capadoce aka George Capadoce Jr., (Son of his late brother Aron).
Bequests Esther Henriques Moron, Emanuel Capodoce and Isaac Raphael Capadoce
Executors, Administrators
Witnesses Appeared before Jan Rypland, Notary Public of Amsterdam. In the presence of Hendrik Muzol and Jacobus Borolofft. M. Vanden Helm.
NA Cat Ref Joint will with NA1233