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De CHAVES Jacob aka de Moses de Chaves
Reference NA1236
Family Name De CHAVES
Forenames Jacob aka de Moses de Chaves
Probate Date 1727 (13 Jan)
Address Amsterdam
Spouse Rebecca/Ribca
Parents Mother living and mentioned but not named.
Siblings Abraham de Chaves and Ribca Mendes Gama
Children Abraham de Chaves (at present at Caravaced?), Moses de Chaves, Ribca Mendes Gama,
Grandchildren Mozes
Other Relatives Brother-in-law, Jacob Mendes Gama. Cousin, Abigail (daughter of his deceased uncle Jacob de Mattos) the wife of Samuel Belmonte.Cousin, Judica de Moza widow of David de Moza and their children Esther and Jacob.
Executors, Administrators (Ribca De Chaves.
NA Cat Ref He is Jacob spouse Ribca Alvares Machado, mother, Rachel Rodrigues de Mattos and father Moses, died 1726 Akevoth, Archive no. 4884 . Jacob Mendes Gama and Ribca De Chaves married in 1681 ( her mother is Rachel) (Akevoth, MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE 693- 22). Translated from the Portuguese.