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Da COSTA Alvaro
Reference NA1248
Family Name Da COSTA
Forenames Alvaro
Probate Date 1716 (15 Feb)
Address Saint Antholin, London
Spouse Leonora (Rachel)
Children John aka Benjamin; Anthony (wife Catherine); Joseph (wife Leanor); Beatrix wife of testators cousin John Mendes Da Costa; Leanor the wife of Baron Francisco Lopes Suasso; Branca the wife of Jacob Jones? Osorio; Mary the wife of Abraham Da Costa; Anna the wife of James Mendes.
Grandchildren Abraham the son of Anthony, Moses the son of Joseph
Other Relatives Cousins, Fernando Mendes, John Mendes
Bequests Louis Gonzales Mendes. *** Thomas, Nurse;
Executors, Administrators
NA Cat Ref Translated from the Portuguese. Codicil (Sentence, Prob/11/555,15 March 1716