Will Extract
Reference NA1250
Forenames Luna
Probate Date 1755 (4 Feb)
Address Berry Street and Richmond
Occupation Widow
Spouse Benjamin Mendes, Merchant late of Berry Street.
Siblings Moses Mendes of London
Other Relatives Great Nephew, Manessah Mendes son of Sarah Mendes (his aunt is Deborah Aboab Furtado of Amsterdam, ie. She is cousin of the late Benjamin Mendes). Cousins, Bathsheba Cohen; Sarah Silvera the wife of Isaac Silvera of London
Bequests Isaac Lindo the younger, Broker of Berry Street; Isaac Delmonte (his daughter is Rachel Delmonte), Merchant; David Abenatar Pimental, Merchant of London and Daniel Mendes Seixas, Merchant of London. Joseph Cararoza, Merchant of London ; Rebecca Ayllion; Abraham Namias de Castro, Merchant of Amsterdam; Sarah Delmar of London; Jacob Gonsales, Merchant of London. Rebecca Keyser, William Cod of Richmond, Mary Nixon, Sarah and Abraham Ben Zaquen, Servants.
Executors, Administrators Isaac Lindo the younger, Isaac Delmonte and Jacob Gonsales,
Witnesses Thomas Griffin, Nath. Bentley and William Baker.
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