Will Extract
De CASTRO Rachel Lady Henriques de Castro nee Salvador
Reference NA1255
Family Name De CASTRO
Forenames Rachel Lady Henriques de Castro nee Salvador
Probate Date 1857 (25 April)
Address Princesse-gracht, The Hague
Occupation Widow
Spouse Isaac Henriques De Castro
Siblings Abraham Jou***** Salvador (Baronet) ,Sarah De Pinto born Salvador the wife of Moses De Pinto Jr., Judith Caroline de Vigneron De la Haye born Salvador the wife of Charles Franois Joseph Vigneron De la Haye and Rebecca Louisa De Pinto born Salvador widow of Aaron De Pinto
Other Relatives Niece, Pauline de Vigneron De la Haye and Ribca De Pinto the daughter of Rebecca. Nephews, Jacob De Pinto, Samuel Francois De Pinto, Notary of The Hague, Benjamin Teixeira Salvador, Abraham De Pinto, Doctor of Laws. Cousin, Eliza Henriques De Castro
Executors, Administrators Abraham Salvador and Abraham De Pinto
Witnesses Appeared before Andreas Anthonius Nieuwland, Notary Public of South Holland. In the presence of Adrianus Van Beekom, Tailor; Adrianus Michael Hoppenbrouwer, Tobacco Cutter;
NA Cat Ref All De Pinto beneficiaries must be descendants of her nephew Abraham De Pinto, Advocate to the supreme Court of the Netherlands and his presen spouse Lady De Pinto. He is perhaps “Abraham de Pinto: Dutch jurist; born at The Hague May 27, 1811; died there May 26, 1878. He studied law at Leyden (LL.D. 1835)and was awarded a gold medal by the university for a competitive thesis entitled ‘Exponatur et ad Examen Revocetur Locus. C. C. de Causa Obligandi’ (1835). In 1835 he became editor-in-chief of the “Weekblad voor het Recht,” and from 1840 to 1876 he edited the periodical “Themis,” which he had founded. Abraham de Pinto was a member of the municipal council of The Hague from 1851 until his death. He was president of the Sephardic congregation, and on his initiative was founded the “Maatschappij tot Nut der Israelieten in Nederland” (1850). He was appointed “Landsadvocaat” Dec. 27, 1863. De Pinto published the following works: “Een Woord over de Circulaire van den Minister van Justitie” (The Hague, 1850); “Handleiding tot de Wet op den Overgang van de Vroegere tot de Nieuwe Wetgeving” (ib. 1850); “Handleiding tot het Wetbock van Burgerlijke Rechtsvordering” (2d ed., 3 vols., 1857); “Adviezen 1838-52” (Zwolle, 1862); “Handleiding tot het Wetbock van Koophandel” (3d ed., 2 vols., ib. 1879); “Handleiding tot de Wet op de Rechterlijke Organisatie en het Beleid der Justitie” (2d ed., ib. 1880); “Handleiding tot het Wetbock van Strafvordering (2d ed., 2 vols., ib. 1882); “Handleiding tot het Burgerlijk Wetboek” (6th ed., ib. 1883-85).” Jewish encyclopaedia.