Will Extract
Reference NA1263
Family Name LAMEGO
Forenames Isaac
Probate Date 1767 (21 Jan)
Address Parish of St. Mary Stoke Newington.
Occupation Merchant
Siblings Moses Lamego, Abraham Lamego
Children Jacob Lamego (deceased); Esther the wife of Abraham Mattos Mocatto, Merchant of London; Abigail the widow of Jacob Baruh Lousada; Sarah the wife of Jacob Lopes Torres of Port Royal, Jamaica. Rebecca Mendes Da Costa (widow by 1767)
Grandchildren Isaac (deceased by 1754), David, Rebecca (wife of Abraham Aguilar of Jamaica) and Sarah LopesTorres children of Sarah. Emanuel, Isaac, Esther, Rebecca and Rachel children of Abigail. Rebecca, Rachel and Grace (born 1762) Mattos Mocatto
Other Relatives Aaron Lamego the son of Abraham
Bequests Catherine Monessah and Jane Child, Servants
Executors, Administrators Moses Lamego; Moses Alvares Corcho, Practicioner of Physic of Stoke Newington; Jacob Gonsales, Merchant of London; Isaac Lopes Torres. Then in codicil David Lopes Torres and Emanuel Baruh Lousada.
Witnesses Thomas Heacock, William Garrett and George Greene. Erasmus Carter and Thmoas Wilkes. Phillipa Butts and George Greene jr. Daniel Mendes Seixa and Mary Smith
NA Cat Ref Portuguese Burial Ground, Mile End, next to his wife. Bequests to the Synagogue in Jamaica. His father's will dated 1741