Will Extract
MORON otherwise MARON Sarah
Reference NA1288
Family Name MORON otherwise MARON
Forenames Sarah
Probate Date 1812 (15 May)
Address Steyne Place, Brightlingstone
Occupation Widow
Other Relatives Cousins, Abraham Osorio (daughter Grace Forster), Jacob Ororio (daughter Rachel), Jacob D ff Brandon, Sarah D ff Brandon (she is the sister of Jacob Mendes Da Costa and her eldest daughter is Esther), Esther D ff Brandon, Branca D ff Brandon, Rebecca Bran
Bequests Eliza Poole, Spinster and Assistant Friend; Isaac Levy (and his wife) of Brightlingstone the son of Abraham Levy Ximenes – Isaacs sons are Lewis and Solomon; Mrs. H. D’Aguilar, Maria D’Aguilar; Mrs. Samuda; Moses D’Aguilar of Jamaica the son of Hananel an
Executors, Administrators Abraham Osorio and Elizabeth Poole
Witnesses Richard Hill of Brighton and James Read, Attorney of Brighton
NA Cat Ref Portuguese burial ground, Mile End. She is entitled to a legacy from the estate of Moses Isaac Levy Ximenes