Will Extract
Reference NA1302
Family Name ZUNTZ
Forenames Moses
Probate Date 1815 (15 Sept)
Address Great Alie Street
Occupation Gentleman
Siblings Alexander Zuntz of New York City, Frumat (deceased) the wife of Solomons and Emanuel Zuntz (deceased).
Other Relatives Lazarus Moses of Gun Square the widower of the testator’s cousin Frances aka Fanny, his son is Isaac Moses. Bendix Lazarus, Merchant of Cock and Hoop Yard the son of the testator’s late brother-in-law Solomons by his first wife; the sister of Bendix is —
Bequests Asher Goldsmid, Broker of Leman Street; Isaac Lyon Goldsmid, Broker of Spital Square; Aaron Asher Goldsmid, Broker of Leman Street; Eve Solomons of the Parish of St. Anns Soho the widow of Isaac Solomons; Sally otherwise Sarah Cohen wife of Victor Cohen o
Executors, Administrators Asher Goldsmid, Isaac Lyon Goldsmid, Aaron Asher Goldsmid.
Witnesses Benj. Groom of Stottwell, Surrey and Thos. Farrer of Doctors Commons.
Notes Great Synagogue. Mentions his deceased friend Benjamin Abraham Goldsmid. See BSGSBUR 321/2413 Burial 1815 [23 Aug] ZUNTS Moses [R. Moses b Judah Zuntz]
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1573