Will Extract
HART Deborah
Reference NA1304
Family Name HART
Forenames Deborah
Probate Date 1821 (4 Aug)
Address East Smithfield
Occupation Spinster
Parents Mother, Deborah Hart
Siblings Abraham (deceased) and Kezia of East Smithfield
Other Relatives Thomas Hart James
Executors, Administrators Kezia Hart (deceased before her sister and admin granted to Deborah Hart the wife of Lyon Cohen)
Witnesses John Ball and William Ball.
Notes A note added in 1845 states that Kezia is deceased as is her mother Deborah Hart the wife of Lyon Cohen and that the estate now passes to Thomas Hart James. A marriage licence for Deborah and Lyon dated 1796 is recorded in the registers of St. George Hano
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1647