Will Extract
Reference NA1310
Family Name LOUSADA
Forenames Sarah
Probate Date 1788 (27 Feb)
Address Bury Street
Occupation Spinster
Other Relatives Nephew, Mordecai Lopes. Nieces, Esther the wife of Abraham Franco, Rachel Periera of Jamaica and Abigail Levy.
Bequests Abigail Periera, Moses Isaac Levy, Manaseh Lopes, Mrs. Abenatar of Jamaica, Fanny Baruh Lousada of Barbados, Jane and Emanuel Baruh Lousada of Barbados, Emanuel Baruh Lousada of London, Jane Lousada (deceased), the children of David Baruh Lousada of Barbados, Aron Alvin, Simha Rodrigues, Miss Vigroana?, Miss Viana, Js. Baruh Lousada and children Jark?, Abigail and Ester, Mrs. Mendes Lamego, Miss Burrow, Isaac Alvares, Sarah Bonaventor, Clara Soares.
Executors, Administrators Mordecai Lopes and Moses Isaac Levy
Witnesses Gershom Israel and H. Matthews.
Notes Burial ground at Mile End.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1162