Will Extract
Reference NA153
Family Name GOODMAN
Forenames Henry
Probate Date 1812 (21 Nov)
Address Great Alie Street
Spouse Hannah
Siblings Sister Rebecca wife of Benjamin Mordecai.
Children Sons Isaac, Philip and Lyon, daughters, Mary, Harriet, Rachel and Elizabeth the wife of Joshua van Oven (Vanhoven) of Great Prescott Street.
Grandchildren Abraham, Rachel and Barnet (Barnard) van Oven
Other Relatives Brothers in law, Benjamin Philip now in Germany; Solomon Mordecai of Rochester and Benjamin Mordecai.
Bequests Asher Goldsmid, Broker of Leman Street; Samuel Cohen, Merchant of Bevis Marks.
Executors, Administrators Hannah Goodman, Isaac Goodman, Asher Goldsmid and Samuel Cohen.
Witnesses Jas. Mangnall of Warwick square and Jas Bayley his clerk.
Notes for Elizabeth and van Oven see GSM 003/2 . He notes that son Lyon is going into business with Mr. Rhodes of Clerkenwell Close.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1538