Will Extract
THACKRAH Hester/Hesther
Reference NA1331
Family Name THACKRAH
Forenames Hester/Hesther
Probate Date 1812 (4 Aug).
Address Tooley Street, Southwark
Occupation Wife (widow of Napthali Hart Myers) and wife of John Thackrah Hop Merchant of Southwark.
Parents Simon Jacobus Moses
Children Joseph, Simon and Rebecca
Grandchildren John Matthew Powell Myers son of Simon and Rebecca Hart Myers and Maria Hart Myers daughters of Joseph.
Other Relatives
Bequests God-daughter, Mary Lambert daughter of James Lambert of Hatton Gardens.
Executors, Administrators Joseph Hart Myers and George Thackrah. Administration to John Thackrah.
Witnesses Jas. Lambert and George Thackrah Lambert.
Notes Father Simon is NA174. First husband Napthali Hart Moses is NA169. Testatrix notes that mentioned in will of Napthali were Jacob Levien Solomons, Michael Heyman and William Golding.
NA Cat Ref Prob/11/1536