Will Extract
BRANDON Jacob Israel
Reference NA1338
Family Name BRANDON
Forenames Jacob Israel
Probate Date 1802 (18 Aug)
Address London
Occupation Broker
Spouse 1. Sarah; 2. Christina Webb.
Children Sarah Israel Brandon (daughter of his present wife) is married to Emanuel Pacifico, Apothecary. David Israel Brandon. Children by present wife are Joseph (Grocer of Bevis Marks his wife is Bilah), Emanuel, Hannah, Jacob and Isaac.
Grandchildren Jacob, Daniel, Rachel, Miriam and Rebecca Israel Brandon children of David and his wife Abigail
Other Relatives nephew and son-in-law, Jacob Israel Brandon. Nephew Gabriel Israel Brandon of Great Alie Street to marry Sister-in-law and niece Leah Brandon. Niece and sister-in-law Abigail Brandon married to Abraham Brandon. Nephew and brother-in-law, Jacob Fonseca Bra
Bequests Abraham Haim Salom the son of Mordecai Salom, Beadle of the Synagogue. Joseph the son of Abraham Velasco. Godson David the son of Abraham Martines. Isaac Moron. Judith Shannon the wife of Abraham Shannon, Apothecary
Executors, Administrators David Israel Brandon; Raphael Brandon, Merchant of Bury Street; Jacob Barrow, Merchant of Bevis Marks; Isaac Saportas, Merchant of Leman Street.In codicil testator notes the death of Jacob Barrow and appoints Emanuel Pacifico and Gabriel Israel Brandon.
Witnesses Abramah Cortissos, Phineas Netto and J? De Pinna
Notes Portuguese Burial Ground, Mile End. He shares the lease of a house occupied by Raphael Paz.
NA Cat Ref Prob/11/1378