Will Extract
Reference NA1345
Family Name NORSA
Forenames MOSES
Probate Date 1805 (10 May)
Address Bury Street
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Rachel (nee Nunes)
Siblings Abraham Isaac Norsa
Children Esther, Leah and Baruch
Other Relatives Nephew, Aron Levi Norsa
Bequests Vincent Gabrielli, friend and partner, Michael L****ing?, Silk Broker of To*** House Yard, London; Jacob Mendes Da Costa the elder, Broker of Stoke Newington; Moses Lindo the younger, Broker of Leadenhall Street. Barbara Stewart, Servant
Executors, Administrators Rachel Norsa, Vincent Gabrielli, Michael L****ing?, Jacob Mendes Da Costa the elder, Moses Lindo the younger.
Witnesses S.W. Wadeson of Austin Friars and his clerks Tho. Churchey and Chas. Leversage.
Notes Portuguese Synagogue. He mentions a property in Mantua left to him by his father. See NA338 and NA339 for Rachel's sister Jael and her husband. "NORZI, Italian family whose name derives from the Umbrian city of Norcia (where Jews were living from the thir
NA Cat Ref prob 11/1426