Will Extract
Reference NA1351
Family Name TREVES
Forenames Joseph
Probate Date 1842 (17 Dec)
Address Amercica Square
Occupation Gentleman
Spouse Jeocabeth
Siblings Jacob Treves of Jamaica and Rebecca Treves of London.
Children Adopted daughter, Sarah Moravia.
Other Relatives Nieces (not named) in Jamaica
Bequests Joshua Mendes Da Costa
Executors, Administrators Jeocabeth Treves, Jacob Treves, Rebecca Treves and Joshua Mendes Da Costa
Witnesses Appeared Frederick Edgell, Gentleman of 3 Charlotte Row and Elias Mendes Pereira, Merchant of 31 Church Street, Spitalfields.
Notes The will was written in Dec. 1825. Of Sarah Moravia he writes “My dear adopted child Sarah Moravia.a small token of the regard I have ever had for her every kind attention to me in sickness as well as health” This must be the Sarah Moravia mentioned in
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1972