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SAMUDA Abraham
Reference NA1361
Family Name SAMUDA
Forenames Abraham
Probate Date 1792 (18 July)
Address London.
Parents Mother Sarah Samuda (now the wife of David Berlindina jr. of Jamaica).
Siblings Esther the wife of H. Cohen of Jamaica.
Other Relatives Cousins, David, Benjamin and Esther Samuda children of the testators uncle David Samuda. Cousins, Abraham, Isaac, David, Esther, Sarah and Rebecca Samuda children of the testators uncle Jacob Samuda.
Bequests David Berlandina, Jacob the son of Isaac Baruh Lousada, Abraham Mendes Belisario of Jamaica, Elizabeth Hopkins, Ann Wilkinson "who lives with" George Capadose of Prescott Street, Goodmans Fields,
Executors, Administrators David Samuda and Jacob Samuda.
Witnesses D. Dias, Moses ****** and E. Walldon.
Notes Portuguese Synagogue
NA Cat Ref Prob/11/1221