Will Extract
Reference NA1368
Forenames Solomon
Probate Date 1769 (6 Nov)
Address Formerly Parish of All Hallows, London Wall, then Devonshire Square.
Occupation Merchant, Broker and Notary Public.
Siblings Joseph Da Costa Athias of Amsterdam (deceased) and his widow is Rachel Da Costa Athias Coronel.
Children Samuel Da Costa (his widow Rebecca now the wife of Isaac Ximenes) and daughter **** the wife of Abraham De Paiba. ***** the wife of David Ximenes.
Grandchildren Isaac, Rachel and Rebecca Treves children of Rachel and Joseph Treves. Rebecca Ximenes
Other Relatives Esther, Judith, Benjamin and Isaac Alverengo the siblings of testators late wife. His late son-in-law Joseph Treves and Rebecca Treves Da Costa the widow of Joseph (Rebecca is second wife of Joseph Treves). Nephew, David Da Costa Athias of Amsterdam the s
Bequests Thomas Martin, Servant; Frances Hobbs, widow and her blind daughter. William Killick, Footboy. Isaac Netto and Moses Schomberg.
Executors, Administrators David Ximenes, Abraham de Paiba, Phineas Serra, Gentleman of Fenchurch Street and Moses Isaac Levy of Bury Street.
Witnesses Gabriel Lopes, George Capadose and Isaac Ximenes.
Notes See especially, Edgar Roy Samuel, Anglo-Jewish Notaries and Scriveners. Portuguese Burial Ground, Mile End near the Bancroft Hospital. Plot purchased in 1742 next to late wife.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/952