Will Extract
VILLAREAL Jacob Da Costa Villa Real aka Gabriel De Villa Nova
Reference NA1370
Forenames Jacob Da Costa Villa Real aka Gabriel De Villa Nova
Probate Date 1733 (14 June)
Address Goodmans Fields, London
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Rachel Da Costa Villareal
Siblings Mariana the wife of Alexander Morati Pereira of London
Children Abraham
Other Relatives John Antonio “my kinsman”
Bequests The son of Luiza De Saa (deceased) of Lisbon; the late wife of Luid? Alvares Nunes of Genoa.
Executors, Administrators Rachel Da Costa Villareal
Witnesses Abraham Alvares Corcho? Jacob Alvares Corcho?; John Da Costa, Notary Public.
Notes Portuguese Burial Ground, Mile End. Translated from the Portuguese. “acob da Costa Villareal had, in accordance with the then common and legally permitted Sephardi cus- tom of the time, married his niece Rachel, ne Morais Pereira. He was a patient of Dr
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/659