Will Extract
Reference NA1373
Family Name SALOMONS
Forenames Sarah
Probate Date 1811 (4 Oct)
Address All Hallows, London Wall.
Occupation Widow
Spouse Nathan Salomons
Parents Phybish (Phybus/Feiwesch) Syer?
Siblings Sister, Ryshe (Rsche) the widow of Bear (Ber) Hanau of Hamburg. Brother, Gumple called Godfrey Solomon.
Other Relatives Father's brother is Solomon Syer?/Slyer? of Fire Ball Court and his wife Sprins. Nephews, Samson, Moses, Elias and Phybelman (Feiwelman) children of Ryshe and Ber Hanau. The son of nephew Samson is Phybish.
Bequests Shamson Samson (is this the same as nephew Samson?); Betsy Hart, Servant; Kitty Hart; Doctor Lee of 25 Bevis Marks & his wife. Mrs Phillips of Fenchurch Buildings widow of the late Accredited Servitor of the New Synagogue; Mrs Asher of Three Crown Court,
Executors, Administrators Solomon Hirschell, high Priest of the Great Synagogue; Raphael Raphael of Mansell Street and Isaac Jonas of Mansell Street.
Witnesses Abraham Lee, Reader of the New Synagogue and Joel Phillips, Beadle and Accredited Servitor of the New Synagogue
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1526