Will Extract
Reference NA1374
Family Name LINDO
Forenames Elias
Probate Date 1785 (30 Sept)
Address Devonshire Square.
Occupation Broker
Spouse Grace
Children Moses Lindo jr.; Isaac (wife Ester/Esther); Bathsheba Lindo
Grandchildren Elias Lindo the son of Moses Jr.
Other Relatives Brother-in-law, Abraham De Mattos Mocatta.
Executors, Administrators Grace Lindo, Abraham De Mattos Mocatta, Broker of Mansfield Street and Isaac Morou, Broker of George Street.
Witnesses Charles Van Notten of Devonshire Square, Thomas Breillat of 85 Shoreditch and James Lefever of New Sun Street, Shoreditch. Appeared Jacob Lindo, Coal Merchant of Devonshire Square; Isaac Rodrigues Nunes, Gentleman of Leman Street and Jacob De Pinna, Gentl
Notes Portuguese Burial Ground, Mile End, Head of row 27 "where I have purchased three places". He desires a tombstone like his fathers "with the utensils of a Moel on it and no verses".
NA Cat Ref prob/11/1134