Will Extract
DORMIDO aka De SILVA Solomon aka Luis
Reference NA1384
Family Name DORMIDO aka De SILVA
Forenames Solomon aka Luis
Probate Date 1700 (9 Dec)
Address St. Andrew Undershaft, London.
Spouse Abigail
Other Relatives
Bequests The wife of Jacob Abendana of Hamburg and families in Bordeaux.
Executors, Administrators Abigail Dormido, Simon Francia and Isaac Sequeira.
Witnesses Abraham De Olivra, David De Paz, Antonio Francia, Abraham Mendes?, Lea Siras Emans?
Notes Trans. from the Spanish by W. Botcha?To be buried “at the feet of my ancestors”. He is probably number 182 in the sixth Carreira at Bethahaim Velho (see Register, JHSE, 1962). Is this Menasseh ben Israel’s nephew?, (became” a licensed broker in the City
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/458