Will Extract
Reference NA1387
Family Name ALVAREZ
Forenames Aaron
Probate Date 1719 (6 Feb)
Address London.
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Rachel
Siblings Mozes of Amsterdam and Jacob Alvarez of London and Abigail Gomes( deceased)
Other Relatives Nephews Joseph Gomes of Surinam and Jacob Alvarez jr. Nieces, Rachel the daughter of Jacob Alvarez jr., and Sarah Gomez of Amsterdam.
Executors, Administrators Rachel Alvarez
Witnesses Andrew Haliburton, William Scory and Joh. Ruck.
Notes He is number 555 in the fourteenth Carreira at Bethahaim Velho and his wife Rachel is 556 (see Register, JHSE, 1962).The testators siblings are Abigail Baruch Alvares b. 1656 married(Amsterdam) in 1673 to Aron Gomes b. 1651 Pisa (certificate 689-110). M
NA Cat Ref prob 11/567