Will Extract
LOPES LEON Jacob aka John Lopes Leon alias Lopez Leon
Reference NA1389
Family Name LOPES LEON
Forenames Jacob aka John Lopes Leon alias Lopez Leon
Probate Date 1695 (1 Oct)
Address London.
Occupation Merchant
Siblings Roque/Rocque De Leon of Amsterdam and his son Antonio Belizazio/Belizario? Jeronimo Lopes Leon of Panahora in France Antonio of Panhora Ana Rodrigues of Panahora
Children Daughter Rachel Rodrigues Mogadoro alias Isabel Lopes Leon and her husband Pantalon Rodrigues Mogadoro alias Isac/Isaac.
Grandchildren Ester Rodrigues Mogador age 3.
Other Relatives Nephews and Nieces: James the son of his brother Antonio Mary the daughter of his deceased sister Ana Jacob de Leon of Bayonne (son of Antonio
Executors, Administrators Rachel Rodrigues Mogadoro
Witnesses Jacob de Paz Morenu Ishac Rodrigues Mogadoro Imanuel Navaro.
Notes The handwriting in the will is difficult to read, and complicated because there are often several spellings for the same name. They have been standardised as much as possible in this abstract. The testator is number 165 in the fifth Carreira at Bethahaim
NA Cat Ref Prob/11/427