Will Extract
FRANCIA Domingo Rodrigues
Reference NA1391
Family Name FRANCIA
Forenames Domingo Rodrigues
Probate Date 1688 (3 July)
Spouse Rica
Children George Francia, Francis Francia, Simon Francia Jr.
Grandchildren Elizabeth (oldest daughter of son George, deceased), Ann, Laura?, Domingo, Jasper, Simon, Francis Lewis, Joseph, Anthony and George Francia.
Other Relatives Nephews, Simon, Peter, Anthony and Moses Francia.
Executors, Administrators Francis and Simon Francia
Witnesses Simon, Peter, Anthony, Moses and Domingo Francia.
Notes He is probably Isaac Rodrigues De Francia, number 116 in the fourth Carreira at Bethahaim Velho and “consort Rica is 117 . In “the burying place of my nation near my late beloved consort Mrs. Rica De Francia and a decent stone shall be laid upon me.” Th
NA Cat Ref Prob/11/392