Will Extract
PEREIRA aka PEREIRA de PAIVA aka Pereira de PAIBA Jacob
Reference NA1404
Family Name PEREIRA aka PEREIRA de PAIVA aka Pereira de PAIBA
Forenames Jacob
Probate Date 1760 (29 April)
Address London
Occupation Merchant
Spouse 1. Rebecca Pereira Da Costa, 2. Esther
Parents Aaron Pereira aka Francis Pereira (his will dated 1738)
Children Aaron, Moses, Catherine and Rachel
Other Relatives
Bequests Jacob Mendes Da Costa, Antonio Lopes Suaso, Baron de Avernas and Anthony Da Costa.
Executors, Administrators Esther Pereira, Robert Jones, Merchant of London and Aron Capadose
Witnesses Edward Astley, Humphrey Bishop, Jas. Dagge, William King and Joseph Costidell.
Notes Portuguese Burial Ground, Mile End. Mentioned David De Moses Pereira, late of Amsterdam; Aron Capadose and David De Crasto. See also internet 2012, 1747-1799, The Grove, By Any Other Name, it’s First Owners and Occupiers.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/855