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BRAVO Isaac Israel
Reference NA1407
Family Name BRAVO
Forenames Isaac Israel
Probate Date 1699 (12 July)
Address Hamburg
Siblings Jacob Bravo of London. The testator desires that son David Israel marries Jacob's daughter.
Children Rachel, Sarah and David Israel Bravo
Other Relatives Brothers-in-law, Lewis Henry Da Costa, John Mendes da Costa and Jacob Lumbrozo. Brother-in-law and cousin is James Lumbrozo. Aunt (of his wife?) Sarah Lumbrozo
Bequests Sarah Jordan? Lila? Benveniste, Abraham Lopez.
Executors, Administrators David Israel Bravo
Witnesses Jacob Benveniste, Imanuel Israel, Ishac de Solomoha and Samuel Sr. Saragua.
Notes To be buried in the cemetery of Hamburg, Altona "at the head of my father if there be room or something lower between my mother and my wife deceased". James Lumbrozo is to write to Bayonne and advise Fernando Mendes da Costa about the house of his (the te
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/627