Will Extract
Reference NA1409
Family Name DIAS
Forenames Jael
Probate Date 1724 (18 Nov)
Address London
Occupation Widow
Spouse Lewis Dias, Merchant of Barbados
Children David (of Barbados) and Isaac
Grandchildren Jael, Joseph and Abraham the children of Isaac.
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Joseph de Castro, Isaac Martins, Abraham Ximenes, Jacob Fernandes Nunes and Jacob Mendosa Costa.
Witnesses Rowland Gideon, Moses Espinoza and Thomas Borking.
Notes Jael is no. 719 in the 17th Carreira, Bethahaim Velho (see Register, JHSE, 1962). She is recorded in the Register as Yael Yesurun Mendes. Her husband Lewis Dias aka Joseph Jesurum Mendes arrived in Barbados from Recife, Brazil in 1654. He is said to have
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/600