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BERNAL Joseph aka Gaspar Francisco Bernal aka De Luis de Andrade aka Juan Budno de Paz
Reference NA1418
Family Name BERNAL
Forenames Joseph aka Gaspar Francisco Bernal aka De Luis de Andrade aka Juan Budno de Paz
Probate Date 1723 (29 Jan)
Address Amsterdam
Spouse Sarah (she is the sister of the testators nephew Francis Gomez)
Parents John Bernal and Lea Gomez Bernal aka Isabel Henriques
Siblings Isaac, Jacob and Anthony Bernal, Abigail Levi Gomez and Lea De Castro.
Other Relatives Nephews and nieces, Jacob Levy Gomez; Francisco Gomez aka Isaac Levi Gomez (deceased); Abraham Bernal ; George Rodrigues Cardoso of Bayonne; Philipa the sister of George; Isaac de Abraham Bernal; Abraham and Jacob the sons of Isaac Bernal; Lea the daught
Bequests Servant Ida Bernal aka Maria Morena.
Executors, Administrators Jacob Levy Gomez, Abraham Bernal, Isaac de Jacob Bernal and Benjamin Bernal.
Witnesses In 1696 there appeared before Peter Padhuysen, Notary Public of Amsterdam in the house of Jacob Levy Gomes, merchant of (Broad Street, St. Anthony near Markon Alley?), Amsterdam the following persons – Benjamin Bernal, Isaac de Jacob Bernal, Jacob Israel
Notes Translated from the Spanish. If he dies in Amsterdam then he is to be buried in the Bethaim, if he dies in London as near as possible to the “sepulchure of my happy mother or my happy wife”. Wife Sarah is the sister of Francis Gomez the testators nephew (
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/589