Will Extract
Reference NA1419
Family Name VALVERDE
Forenames Elias
Probate Date 1742 (26 Jan)
Address St. Michael, Barbados.
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Mentioned but not named
Children Abraham, Jacob, Jael, Rebecca, Rachel, Sarah, Leah and David (blind).
Grandchildren Lunah and Rachel
Other Relatives Partner and son-in-law Abraham Gomes (husband of Jael?)
Bequests The negro woman Peggy, her two children Santo and Rose and the negroes Primus, Sarah and Phillis given to the testators wife.Son Jacob given the negro male Cudjoe. The negro Punch given to testators blind son David.
Executors, Administrators Admin to Moses Espinosa attorney for Abraham and Jacob Valverde.
Witnesses David Valverde and Moses Pinheiro.
Notes Synagogue, Bridge Town, Barbados.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/723