Will Extract
GONSALES Jaspar/Gasperi
Reference NA1422
Family Name GONSALES
Forenames Jaspar/Gasperi
Probate Date 1695 (27 Sept)
Address Bidache, in the house of Maron
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Agne? Cortiezes (deceased)
Children Jacques of London, Joseph married in Bordeaux, Elizabeth the wife of Fernandes Cardoso and Mary the widow of George Francia.
Other Relatives Brother-in-law of son Jacques (Jacob) is Manuel Almanza.
Bequests Katherine Brasquet, Servant; Margaret Ditchesourry, Servant, Francis De Langarras, Servant; Joseph Lewis the son of Anthony Lewis of St. Esprit. Rique the orphan daughter of the late Zoffanne of St. Esprit.
Executors, Administrators Jacob Gonsales
Witnesses Joseph Lewis, Portuguese Merchant; Peter de Lomiscarre; Peter Latafte, Surgeon; Anthony Lewis, Surgeon; Roger de Serresclarion aka Gaffie; Henry Dabadie; David de Larran aka Jannilant; And. De Michet, Notary Public.
Notes Translated from the French. Bequests to charities in St. Esprit and Peyrehourade.
NA Cat Ref Prob/11/429