Will Extract
Reference NA1425
Family Name GONSALES
Forenames Jacob
Probate Date 1777 (4 July)
Address Creed Lane and St. John, Hackney, formerly Jamaica.
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Rebecca
Other Relatives Sister-in-law, Sarah Henriques Quixano of Jamaica. Kinsmen and kinswomen, Abigail Ximenes the wife of David Ximenes of London; Isaac Baruh Lousada and his daughter Abigail; Abraham Nunes DAlmeyda and his children Solomon, David, Jacob, Judith and Daniel;
Bequests Judith Bravo the wife of Moses Bravo; Sarah Bravo the wife of Jacob Bravo;Martha Dinester? Servant Negro slave given to Isaac Baruh Lousada. Freedom for the Mulatto man Sam the son of the Mulatto woman Mozara?
Executors, Administrators Phineas Serra, Isaac Baruh Lousada, Jacob Osorio and David Samuda all of London. Benjamin Dias Fernandes, Jacob Furtado and Abraham Aguilar all of Jamaica.
Witnesses Thomas Constable, Thomas Champ Bateman, John Rutland and Jacob Gutteres.
Notes Marriage contract filed in Jamaica Lib? 95, Fo. 169. Debt owed by the trustees of Hananel Mrndes Da Costa.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1033