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De PINTO Samuel
Reference NA1439
Family Name De PINTO
Forenames Samuel
Probate Date 1721 (3 Oct)
Address Newhoore? Graat, Amsterdam
Spouse Esther the daughter of Samuel Ximenes
Parents Grandfather? Moses aka Anthony De Pinto of the Hague
Siblings Jacob De Pinto of the Hague
Children Moses Van Samuel De Pinto, Rica and Rachel De Pinto
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators
Witnesses Appeared before John Snock, Notary Public of Amsterdam. Witnesses David Abenatar and David Nunes Carvalho.
Notes The marriage in 1716 of Samuel and Ester is Sepharadim Marriage, Amsterdam, Akevoth certificate 710-328. Ester (1697-1736) and is buried at Ouderkerk, ID. 20,370.00, Archive no. 20392.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/581