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HART Napthali
Reference NA168
Family Name HART
Forenames Napthali
Probate Date 1834 (11 Nov)
Address South Street, Finsbury (and 5 King Street Finsbury?)
Spouse Mary
Siblings Sister Louisa Harver (Harry?)
Children Son and partner John Napthali Hart, daughters Elizabeth Tobias (widow) Harrietta wife of Samuel Isaac Tobias of New York) Louisa Lyon (wife of James Walter Lyon of Edinburgh) and Harrietta (spinster).
Grandchildren Eliza Hart daughter of son John and grandson Frederick Hart Tobias son of Elizabeth Tobias.
Other Relatives
Bequests John Napthali Hart, Marcus Joseph and John Samuel.
Executors, Administrators Marcus Joseph and John Samuel
Witnesses F.J. Jaggers of 23 Hampton Street, Walworth, S. Slater, H.J. Taylor of 13 Great Carter Street, Doctors Commons, Edward Henry, Elias Lindo and Louisa Lyon.
Notes Old Bailey (t17980110-48). He was a silversmith and had his first mark registered in 1791 when in partnership with Duncan Urquhart. His first solo mark was registered in on 10th April 1812 as a plate-worker. Urquhart was probably also Jewish. Naphtali served as treasurer of the Hambro Synagogue in 1807 and 1808 and was a member of the Western Synagogue (See Grimwade) Between 1817 and 1825 he worked in partnership with H. Harvey, watch manufacturers and silversmiths (partnership dissolved in 1825 Gazette 18098). In 1828 he was worked with his son John Napthali Hart. Marriage of daughter Louisa HSM 125
NA Cat Ref Prop 11/1838