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ABENATAR/CROON Emanuel Abenatar aka Manuel Vander Croon
Reference NA1444
Forenames Emanuel Abenatar aka Manuel Vander Croon
Probate Date 1735 (12 Nov)
Address Muydergraft
Spouse Ester Cohen De Lara
Parents David Abenatar
Siblings Abraham Abenatar and Jacob Abenatar Pimental
Children Ribca (age 24 in 1735), Jacob (age 22 in 1735), Judith Rachel and David. David has
Other Relatives Mother-in-law of Rachel Cohen De Lara. Auntof Ribca Aboab Cardoso.
Bequests Friend of Abraham da Corza?
Executors, Administrators Ester Cohen De Lara and Jacob Abenatar.
Witnesses Appeared before David Cappe Notary Public of Amsterdam. Witnessed by D. Vanden Brink Isaac Coster and J. Brewolft.
Notes Ketubah dated 20 Jan 1708 He desires to be buried at Ouderkerk near his father and mother and that another sepulchure be prepared for his
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/674