Will Extract
Reference NA172
Family Name HELBUT
Forenames Moses
Probate Date 1745 (29 Aug)
Address Cleve
Parents Samuel
Siblings Philip
Children Behla
Other Relatives Mother in Law Zimle (Zimperji Gompertz of Cleve. Sister-in-law Mrs Endle? (Gudle?). Brother in law Moses Hertz Brestamer? His cousin is Simon Loser Goshler (Simon Lazarus of Goslar). His brother Philip has a daughter Priva.cousin Joyo Doctor of Physic (this is Joyo Adolphus who married Bola a daughter of Zimpertje Gompertz)
Executors, Administrators Tobias Boas of the Hague, Elias Hertz of Wesel and Isaac Israel rabbi in Cleve
Witnesses Marcus Philip and Isaac Israel of Cleve
Notes Translated from the high German. Otherwise Helbut of Cleve.
NA Cat Ref Prob. 11/741