Will Extract
Da VEGA/VEIGA/DUARTE Joseph Da Vega aka Francisco Duarte
Reference NA1449
Forenames Joseph Da Vega aka Francisco Duarte
Probate Date 1729 (3 June)
Address Amsterdam
Spouse Sara
Siblings Jacob De Veiga
Children Abraham, Moses, Sara the wife of Moses De Chaves and Rachel the wife of Moses Henriques De Medina.
Grandchildren Jacob and Joseph De Chaves
Other Relatives Cousin and on-in-law, Moses De Chaves. Cousin, Abraham De Veiga.
Bequests Jesiba van Albijetomin?
Executors, Administrators Abraham and Moses Da Veiga. Their attorney is Joseph Henriques Jr.
Witnesses Appeared before Cornelis van Arhthoven. Witnessed by Christoffer van Arhthoven, George Spyker, Hendrik Kamper and Benjamin Baignoule.
Notes Testators marriage is probably Sepharadim Marriage, Amsterdam, Akevoth, certificate 703-255, married 1703 (if so Sara is Sara Machado). Daughter Sara is certificate 711-202 for 1718 and Rachel is certificate 714-381 for 1725. The will translated from the Nether Dutch.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/630