Will Extract
NATAF or Hayde or Solomon Jeudah
Reference NA1480
Family Name NATAF or Hayde or Solomon
Forenames Jeudah
Probate Date 1826 (17 Aug)
Address Tunis and then Pisa
Occupation Rabbi
Parents Solomon Nataf
Children Simcha? And Esther (he writes that due to his many sins he has no sons). According to a note in the will Simcha married Abraham Belaishe? Otherwise Belais/Belaio? Note that she was deceased by 1843
Grandchildren Joshua Belaish (deceased by 1869), Menachem Belaiso?, Lavin? Hariew? And Judah Hay Belaish (all children of Simcha).
Other Relatives Great grandson Menahem Belaish son of Menachem Belaish
Executors, Administrators
Witnesses Haim Abraham Rachamin? Askenasi and Joseph Alavrai?(Alancar?) and Isaac Cohen, Isaac Segal, Judah Nagiro, Haim David Valenn? Joseph Enqiero? Selo. Zakka, Nathan Burgel, Abraham Lumbrozo, Judah Bar Abraham Abshen Tenngi?. Then the following names (translated from the Italian) Messers Isaac Taib, Isack Cohen, Judah Negiar, Haim David Valence, Haim David Jo. Cohen Tanngi, Judiah dy Abram Coen Tanngi, Joseph Eurices? Abraham Lumbroso, Solomon Tarke? Natan Binge (all Rabbis and Judges of this city. Also certified by Gabriel Valensi, Raffael di Abm. Boccarra, Menahem Cesania. Certified by D.A. de Sola (vice Consul). Appeared David de Sola of 1 Heneage Lane, reader to the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue
Notes Tr. from the Rabbinical Hebrewand Caldic Language. According to the notes to the will after the deaths of Simcha's children admin was granted to Moses de Joshua Levy for the benefit of great grandson Menahem Belaish of Tunis.The note of 1857 unclear. Alternative names Jeudah Hai Nataf or Jehudah Hai otherwise Judah Hayde otherwise di Solomon
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1715