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SIMONS Aron Mandoosky
Reference NA1482
Family Name SIMONS
Forenames Aron Mandoosky
Probate Date 1853 (14 June)
Address 49 Kings Square, St. Lukes, Middlesex and then Hare? Street, Calcutta
Occupation Widower and Merchant
Siblings Henrietta Simons of 49 Kings Square, Louisa Simons, George Simons
Other Relatives Elizabeth, Esther and Margaret Simons the daughters of testators brother George.
Bequests George Pickett, Silversmith of 265 Oxford Street.
Executors, Administrators Henrietta Simons and George Pickett.
Witnesses Samuel Howe, Jeweller of 10 Remington Street, City Road and George Rickett.
Notes Brother George is Petra Census 1851, ID. 5616 (Father is Abraham Simons, Petra notes Sister Sophia Mandovsky is ID 1278, Louisa and Henrietta are IDs 5617 + 5618).
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2174