Will Extract
De PAZ Solomon
Reference NA1486
Family Name De PAZ
Forenames Solomon
Probate Date 1753 (21 Feb)
Address London
Siblings Jacob De Paz, Elias Paz, David De Paz junior of Amsterdam
Other Relatives Niece, Elizabetha the wife of Jacob Buzaglo (daughter of Jacob De Paz); Nephew, Aron De Paz (son of Jacob); Sarah the wife of Isaac Hamis (the daughter of Elias Paz). Niece Leah (deceased) was the wife of Joseph Buzaglo. Their son is Solomon Buzaglo
Executors, Administrators Jacob Buzaglo and Richard Partridge
Witnesses Jacb Espinosa and Moses De Isaac Cohn and William Tudman
Notes Translated from the Spanish by John Dacosta. See also notes for NA824 and NA1485 where his brother Solomon records the name of his sister Hannah de Avila (ca 1680-1741) the wife of David b. Isaac Israel de Avila. Her will was published in an article by Miriam Rodrigues-Pereira and this together with the Bevis Marks records establishes that her father was Abraham Salom Morenu (also known as Luis de Paz who died in Bayonne in 1684) see Miriam Rodrigues-Pereira, An eighteenth-century Sephardi lady, her relations and her property, Jewish Historical Studies, volume 41, 2007
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/799