Will Extract
HORT Simele Bendix
Reference NA177
Family Name HORT
Forenames Simele Bendix
Probate Date 1797 (11 Nov)
Address Formerly Mansell Street then Prescott Street.
Occupation widow
Siblings Marianne Bendix Gompertz, brothers, Philip, Lion and Salomon
Other Relatives Fratje, Hannah, Hester and Gitla daughters of her deceased brother Meyer. Cousins, Sheina and Sarah daughters of sister son Meyer the son of Gumpel Cleves.
Bequests Lion Presburg called Lion Wiener; Lion Simmons of Great Prescott Street; Samuel b. Lion Enslika (Ezechiel ?) Cohen; Samuel Cohen of Bevis Marks
Executors, Administrators Lion Wiener, Lion Simmons, Samuel Cohen and Marianne Gompertz
Witnesses Wolf Josephson and Judah Ph? Salomon
Notes tr. From the hebrew, Josh Schabracq.
NA Cat Ref Prob/11/1298