Will Extract
LEVIN James Henry
Reference NA1497
Family Name LEVIN
Forenames James Henry
Probate Date 1857 (8 June)
Address Clapton, Middlesex and Holoman? Street, London
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Mary Ann
Children Edward Henry Levin; David Frederick Levin.
Other Relatives Brother-in-law, James Thomas Woodhouse, Solicitor of Lowminster?, Hereford
Bequests William Gillmore Bolton, Solicitor of Austin Friars
Executors, Administrators William Gillmore Bolton and James Thomas Woodhouse. These replaced in a codicil by Edward Henry Levin and David Frederick Levin.
Witnesses Samuel B. Merriman, Solicitor of Austin Friars and F.J. Boyton and Percy Howard his clerks.
Notes According to the Census of 1851 the testator was born in Conningsburgh, East Prussia (Konigsberg?) suggesting that he was Jewish by birth.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2253