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GREEN Abraham
Reference NA1500
Family Name GREEN
Forenames Abraham
Probate Date 1852 (22 Sept)
Address 37 Middlesex Street, St. Botolph and also of the Blue Anchor, 1 Middlesex Street, Christchurch, Spitalfields
Occupation Provision Dealer and Victualler
Spouse Rachel
Children Levi Green (deceased), Judah Green, Solomon Green, Aaron Green
Other Relatives sons-in-law, Ezekiel Hart and John Nathan. Nephew, Ephraim Levi Green, clothier of Bury Street..
Executors, Administrators Rachel Green, Ephraim Levi Green
Witnesses Isaac Valentine and Lazarus Levy.
Notes The testator paid Barnett Isaacs when he the testator took over the Blue Anchor. Special bequests to any future grandchildren who are named Abraham Green. Daughter Sarah married John Nathan GSMa 045/64 and Sylvia married Ezekiel Hart GSMa 007/05.
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