Will Extract
Reference NA1502
Family Name SCHWABE
Forenames Salis
Probate Date 1853 (8 Oct)
Address Manchester
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Julia
Siblings Herman Schwabe (widow Fredericka)
Children Sons, Edward, George and Frederick Schwabe. Daughter ?
Other Relatives Nephews and nieces; Adolph Schwabe of Mancheste a son of his brother by his firsr wife. Edward, Amelia and Adelaide Schwabe all children of Herman by his second wife Fredericka? Brother-in-law, George Solomon Meyer, Merchant of Bradford.
Bequests John Lister of Manchester, Caroline Frank, Spinster of Manchester, Ellen Heyward, servan and Peter Heyward of Rhodes. Raphael Lundesdorf? Merchant of Hamburg. Thomas Blane? Of Rhodes near Manchester. James Selig of Manchester. ? Rothchild of Liverpool. Sibella Brandon, Spinster of Manchester
Executors, Administrators John Leiser, Sigmund Stern and Adolph Schwabe, in codicil replaced? by Heyman Philip Roe, Samuel Dukenfreid? Darbyshire?
Witnesses John Bury, Solicitor of Manchester and ?
Notes The text is difficult to read. Salis was Jewish but became a Unitarian.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2180