Will Extract
MELDOLA Raphael de Mosch aka Moses Meldola
Reference NA1518
Family Name MELDOLA
Forenames Raphael de Mosch aka Moses Meldola
Probate Date 1828 (7 Jan)
Address Mansell Street
Spouse Stella
Children Moses Meldola, David Meldola, Abraham Meldola, Eleazar Meldola
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators (A number of executors named and later changed in the codicils). These are Jacob Levi Bensusan (Albarra), Merchant of London, Senor Aluf, Judah Gindalla? Merchant of Finsbury Square; Mosch de Joseph Elias Montefiore, David de Solomeh Cohen; Stella and David Meldola.
Witnesses Wittnesses to the will and codicils - ? de Pinna, notary of St. Michaels Alley, Cornhill, A. De Pinna, Gebtleman of the same place and Ab. V. Toledano, Gentleman of Goodmans Fields; Isaac Sebag of 45 Leman Street; J. Mudahee of 15 Little Alie Street; Thomas Evitt of Haydon Square and Bernard Lucas his clerk, John Fitzgibbon and Thomas Griffin. Appeared David Aaron de Sola, Gentleman of Henage Lane and Isaac Sebag, Gentleman of 7 Church Lane
Notes Asks (if possible) to be buried near Ribi David Nietto. A number of individuals are mentioned in the will - Abraham Mello, Senor Sfora of Florence; David and Raphael Rodrigues Brandon; the family of Levi Bensusan sr. Hazan David de Solla; Jacob Senor Coronel; Jacob Abenatar Pimental, Isaac Almonsino, Solomon Abecasis, Mr. Finzi of Florence
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1746