Will Extract
NORDEN Assur Anschel
Reference NA1533
Family Name NORDEN
Forenames Assur Anschel
Probate Date 1771 (31 Aug)
Address Zwaaneburg Street Amsterdam?
Spouse Egla
Parents Salomon
Siblings Levy and Reuben
Children Beltje the wife of Mr. Levy
Other Relatives Nephews Aaron and Salomon the sons of Reuben and Salomon the son of Levy.
Executors, Administrators Aaron Norden and Levy Elias De Lima – surviving executors in 1771.
Witnesses In 1771 Dominic Geniets Notary Public Amsterdam visited Zwaaneburg Street Amsterdam and was shown papers by Levy Elias De Lima that were signed by Assur Salomon Norden. The will was translated from the Hebrew by Jacob D’Lion Arons 2 May 1771.
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/970/360