Will Extract
ZELVE Moses Abrahams
Reference NA1536
Family Name ZELVE
Forenames Moses Abrahams
Probate Date 1842 (25 May)
Address Formerly 4 Bevis Marks then 35 Half Moon Passage Great Alie Street.
Occupation Bachelor
Other Relatives Cousins Israel. Scherna? And Leah Zelve the children of uncle Isaac Zelve. the daughter (unamed of uncle Coleman butcher in Hurchiff? or Hurchis Poland. Knessel the daughter of aunt Rebecca. Uncle Moses Samuel. uncle *** Jessel lecturer in Ruvashous?
Bequests Vichehict??? Levy Isaac Mendel Baila Rosy and Figa the children of Herz Goldsmith. Solomon Herschell of 5 Bury Court. Aaron Levy of 10 Bookers Gardens. Israel Levy of 5 Phills Buildings Houndsditch. Levy Barnet of 21 Bury Street. Henry Moses of 41 T
Executors, Administrators Levy Barnet. Henry Moses Ashur Keyser (corrected at probate from Solomon Keyser as written in the will) and Solomon Herschell. Admin later granted to the testators cousin Jonas Silve/Zelve
Witnesses Th. N. Faulkner and Geo Wilby.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1963