Will Extract
Reference NA1539
Family Name KEYSER
Forenames Leah
Probate Date 1839 (3 May)
Address Formerly Chestnut Walk Leyton then Haydon Square and then Trinity Square Tower Hill.
Occupation Widow
Spouse Assur Keyser
Siblings Hannah Samuels
Children Alexander Herny Keyser. Moses Solomon Keyser Floretta the wife of Louis Cohen b. Joseph Cohen of 5 South Street Finsbury Square Rebecca Marianne the wife of Henry Moses b. Abraham Lyon Moses.
Other Relatives Brother-in-law Ruben Alexander Keyser (see notes). cousin Ruben Alexander Keyser of Chestnut Walk (is this also her brother-in-law?). cousin Solomon the son of Eleazer Keyser
Bequests Levy Solomons esq of Bury Street. Solomon Keyser esq. Of Somerton Middlesex. Isaac Goldsmid. Lyon Isaac Goldsmid.Rabbi Schiff. Mary Keen servant. Rabbi Wolf Gollin. Gitla the wife of Moses Samuel. Mrs. Talji Jacobs daughter of Solomon Norden. Adelaide C
Executors, Administrators The executors were changed over time and included Alexander Henry Keyser. Moses Solomon Keyser. Ruben Alexander Keyser. Lyon Isaac Goldsmid. Levy Solomons Solomon Keyser. Alexander Damido and Aaron Asser Goldsmid. Lewis Cohen and Henry Moses
Witnesses The witnesses to the will and codicils include Geo. King of Bartholomew Lane Royal Exchange and his clerks G. Thomces? And Jas Taylor. Mary Keen. Marian Kearsey. Moses Ansell Secretary to the Synagogue Dukes Place and Aaron Levy. Appeared Aaron Levy Ra
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1911