Will Extract
Reference NA194
Family Name ISAACS
Forenames Hannah
Probate Date 1802 (24 Nov)
Spouse Seligman
Parents Joseph Cohen (Zedek, the pious Priest)
Children Joseph,
Other Relatives
Bequests Mr. David and Mr. Sampson the sons of Coleman; Mr. Abraham the son of the deceased Michael; Mr. Hertz the son of Seligman; Mr.Bear the son of Asher; Mrs. Nancy the wife of Joseph b. Bear Polack; Mr. Samuel, Minister of New Court, Dukes Place; Mr Herz son of Seligman Refiner?; the widow Rachel sister of Seligman Refiner?; the widow Judith; Miss Sophia? The daughter of Koppel and grand daughter of Salomon the son of Aron; Sarah the daughter of Moses Barkley and wife of Joseph; The Rev. Moses chief of the Ss/fouiun?? of the New Synagogue. Mr. Selig Rabbi; Mr. Nahum the son of Meshulom Fless (Levite).
Executors, Administrators David and Solomon b. Coleman and Abraham b. Michael.
Witnesses Jacob Hurwitz, David the son of Moses and Abraham the son of the Reverend Michael.
Notes DPL 0608 Burial 1802 [Jul-Aug] [SOLOMON? (MN)] wife of Zelig b. Shlomeh Refiner. Translated from the Hebrew intermixed with German by Barnard van Oven. Correction at the end notes that Sampson the son of Coleman should be David Coleman Solomon and Abraham Michael in the will written Abraham the son of the Rev. Michael.
NA Cat Ref Prob/11/1383