Will Extract
Reference NA1552
Family Name RICARDO
Forenames Abraham
Probate Date 1812 (3 Apr)
Address Stoke Newington
Occupation Stock Exchanger Merchant
Children Joseph Ricardo Abraham the younger Ricardo David Ricardo Moses Ricardo Jacob Ricardo Francis (Daniel) Ricardo. Raphael Ricardo Benjamin Ricardo Sampson Ricardo Rebecca Ricardo Abigail Ricardo Rachael Ricardo Sarah Ricardo and Hannah the wife
Grandchildren Abigail Samuda
Other Relatives Jacob Ricardo Gentleman of Stoke Newington. Niece (daughter of testator’s late brother David Ricardo the younger) Rachael Pardo Ricardo widow of Saul Pardo late of Amsterdam. Niece Hannah Ricardo of Amsterdam daughter of testators late brother Samuel
Bequests Raphael Brandon the younger Merchant of Haydon Square. David Samuda the younger Merchant of Coopers Row Tower Hill. Abraham Namias de Castro Gentleman of Stoke Newington. Jacob de Joel servant
Executors, Administrators Jacob RicardoRaphael Brandon the younger and David Samuda the younger.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1532