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BRANDON Jacob Rodrigues
Reference NA1556
Family Name BRANDON
Forenames Jacob Rodrigues
Probate Date 1776 (17 Dec)
Address Kingston Jamaica
Siblings Daniel Brandon Seixas Merchant of London and Rebecca Brandon spinster of London.
Children Natural son Jacob Harding by Ann Harding single-woman Strand London
Other Relatives
Bequests Anna Harding Jacob Pereira Gentleman of Kingston. David Mendes Henriques Gentleman of Kingston. Thomas Paaton Gentleman of Kingston. Raphael Arges? The testator’s clerk. Joseph Henriques jr.. Moses Henriques. Abraham Aguilar (the latter three all of K
Executors, Administrators Daniel Brandon Seixas. Joseph Henriques jr.. Moses Henriques. Abraham Aguilar.
Witnesses Benjamin Mendes Pereira. Israel Elkin. Abraham de Campos.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1025